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Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I was lucky enough to receive the Powertouch for free through bzzagent to give to one of my teens to try.

Can use wet or dry
Built in sideburn trimmer
Easy to clean
Completely waterproof
Can get for under $60

I was so excited! When it finally came, I couldn't open it fast enough and made my 16 year old try it that day. The first time he used it, he used it dry just like the booklet says that you can. It gave him horrible razor burn and even caused some little scabs and bleeding.
I figured that maybe he wasn't doing it right so I cleaned it really well and asked my hubby to try it, (after all, he had much more experience). Pretty close to the same result. Razor burn, especially the neck area. Not a close shave.
Well, my husband has sensitive skin so I figured I'd have my 17 year old try it, with shaving gel, in the shower. Better results. Some burning, not as close as a razor. The booklet does say to take the "21 day challenge". It says that your skin has to get used to it so we'll see.
I did try it once dry on my legs and it didn't cause any irritation at all, again, not a close shave. I also tried it bikini area and armpits...YEOOWWWW!!! Worst razor burn of my life. PLEASE DO NOT USE IN THESE AREAS!! lol I couldn't sit or put my arms down for a week!

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