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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Worm Farm!

We made a worm home/farm to compliment our study of underground habitats. It's easy and perfect for K-2. All you really need is a clear container with a smaller container to fit inside,(you don't want those worms hiding in the middle). You'll also need some dirt from the garden, some dog food or apple bits, black paper, saran wrap, and a rubber band.
Wet the dirt a little and add it to the container, making sure to add the dog food and apple pieces at intervals. Add the worms a few at a time and wait until they start to burrow before putting in a few more. Saran wrap over the top, (make sure to poke air holes), held tight with a rubber band. Make a cover from the paper and you have a vase full of worms that are thankful not to be fish food!
My advice is to observe them for a couple of days and then release them into the garden. You don't want to keep them too long or it will probably start to mold. Happy worming!