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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Elf on the Shelf

   We had Fred Snow, our Elf on the Shelf, show up last year and he was a big hit! There are tons of ideas on the internet of ways for your elf to get into trouble, here's what Fred did!
(In no particular order).

The first day that Fred arrived,
he watched the movie that he came with.

Photo shoot with Cat Woman.

The fun part was seeing all of the photographs
that he took that were on the camera.

Sometimes Fred just hides.
Not everyday has to be crazy creative!

Fred playing a board game.

I guess Fred couldn't find the crayons. That's ok, Fred. Mommy couldn't find them either.
P.S. Fred is a magical elf which means he can make markers work while the cap is still on.

Fred wants us to help him build a house. He even picked out which one he likes best!

Fred LOVES to spell out messages in candy!

Shhh! Fred's had a long night.
(cucumbers and duck were printed off the internet)

I guess Fred likes seafood. Naughty little elf.

Personally, I think Fred has an unfair advantage.

No biggie. Fred just updating the countdown to Christmas.

Not a good idea, Fred! I hope it's "catch and release"!
(goldfish crackers)

Aww, Fred built a snowman....and now he's roasting it.

The army men are tired of Fred's antics!

Yin-yang bear doesn't feel too good.

Fred made Nathan a paracord bracelet with his picture
on it so he won't forget him until next year.

Getting ready for some Monday night football!
(check out Fred's jersey!)

"Snow" Angels!!
 I guess the kitchen needed cleaning anyway...

Nathan was sleeping peacefully.
He woke up and saw Fred on the landing with a sign
pointing to the mirror.
Silly Fred!

Mom forgot to turn the heater up
so Fred crocheted himself a tiny scarf.

I think Fred has the upper hand here...

Elves LOVE peppermint!

Fred made us a toilet paper tree!
We left it up all month.

Fred sat in the tree on Christmas morning and watched everyone open presents.
The next day, he was gone!