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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Fingerless Gloves & Scarf Crochet Pattern

So I found this really (really) simple pattern for some fingerless gloves and I've been going a little crazy with it. Here's the basic pattern.

Chain 22 (24), join with slip stitch making sure not to twist
R1-5: Ch 2. HDC in each chain, join with slip stitch to first ch 2.
R6: Ch 2. HDC in next 8 (9) stitches. Ch 4, skip next 4. HDC in rem
9 (10) stitches.
R7: Ch 2. HDC in next 8 (9) stitches, 4 HDC in ch 4 space. HDC in rem.
R8 & beyond: Ch 2, HDC in each around joining with sl st to beg. ch 2.

This pattern is so easy and because it starts at the fingers and goes back, you can make it as long or short as you'd like. I like to line them with a complimenting color (as you'll see in the pics). Don't get too complicated, just use the same ol' HDC and line the top, bottom, and thumb.
The best advice I can give to people like me who are mediocre at crochet at best; use good yarn! The nicer the yarn, the better your projects will look.
I also made matching scarves. The first time, I just ch 7 and HDC back and forth til it was long enough and then lined with HDC. The 2nd one I chained the length of the scarf and then HDC all the way until it was wide enough. lol I'm not great at directions! Also, I got a little creative with one of the scarves, check it out...

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