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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Freezing Peppers and Onions

Bell peppers can be expensive! Red peppers were $1.99 each at my store the other day. $1.99 each and I needed five!
There's a little veggie market about 20 miles from me that sells them 5/$1 but it's not like I can just run out and grab them anytime I need to so I did some research a while back and learned that you can cut them and freeze them for up to 6 months.
First you need to wash them, cut the tops and bottoms off, and wash all of the seeds out. I cut mine 4 different ways:

1. Thick rings to use for cooking eggs in, (see below).
2. diced
3. Short strips
4. Long strips.

I used a large freezer bag and put the long strips on the bottom and the rings on top. Then I put the short strips and diced into two separate small bags.

Flatten all of the air out of the small bags, seal and put them inside of the large bags. Don't forget to add the date.
(Sorry for the bad pic, these had been in the freezer for a few minutes)

Stack them flat in the freezer for easy access and never be without bell peppers again! Keep in mind that you'll only want to use these for cooking, and you don't need to defrost them first.

You can also do this with onions:

Cook eggs in pepper rings.
Photo courtesy of Apron Strings

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