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Monday, July 23, 2012

Teacher's Helper: Poster Hangers

I am constantly hanging things in Nathan's classroom, from artwork to posters to projects and more. I was tired of putting holes in the walls and, because I'm a crafter at heart, I couldn't stand the look of tape or plain old thumbtacks.
I came with an easy, cheap solution. Instead of moving the thumbtacks, you just move the posters.

Here's how:
You'll need just a couple of supplies and you can be very cheap to very creative on this or anywhere in between. I wanted to try it out and make sure it worked before I got fancy.


wooden ruler

2 clothespins

flat-topped thumbtacks (these probably have a name)


I used whatever my husband had in this contraption here but I don't want you to think that you have to run out and find this. Use any glue that will hold, I suggest a glue gun or plain old white glue

paint (optional)
Total cost for one poster holder:less than $1

First glue the back of the ruler to the inside of the back part of the clothespin. Use the pic for reference. Make sure that you line up the clothespins so that they are an equal length from each side of the ruler.
If you're going to paint, let the glue dry and paint now, before adding the tacks.
Glue the tacks to the back of the clothespins. Make sure that they are aligned for even hanging.
Stand the contraption upside-down to dry.
Now just decide where you want to hang your posters, use a level to make sure that it's straight. This makes changing out posters and artwork a snap!

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