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Monday, April 6, 2015

Let's Talk About Oola Essential Oils

Today Young Living began it's Oola line of oils. Instead of being geared toward physical ailments, these stem off in a bit of a different direction. It's all about balancing your life. I'll try to explain what I know, (which isn't much).

The way these oils work is based on aromatherapy. If you're familiar with the law of attraction and intention then you'll understand why these might make sense. For instance, let's say your working on a goal in the financial part of your life. Whether you're writing it out, talking about it, making a dream board, meditating on it, or something else, you would be smelling the scent of "finance" either diffused, topically, or straight from the bottle while focusing on your goal. When you've practiced this and your intention is clear, it's time to get to work.

You'll go out into "the world" and start working on your goal while smelling the scent of "finance". The scent should make your intention stronger somehow and help focus your goal.

You guys, I'm still working on this and trying to wrap my head around it. I don't fully understand it but I always love new things and new ways of looking at things. It's worth looking into.

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