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Friday, May 29, 2015

Petitgrain Essential Oil Benefits


If you're relatively new to the "oils" world, then you've probably never heard of it, but keep reading, it may just become one of your favorites!

Petitgrain comes from the orange tree, but it is not orange essential oil. Orange oil comes from the rind of the fruit, while petitgrain comes from the leaves and twigs. (Neroli is derived from the flowers.)

Here are some ailments that petitgrain can help with:

Some of my favorite ways to use it:


 Diffuse 4-6 drops petitgrain and 4-6 drops bergamot 30 min to an hour

Panic Button Roller: 

10 drops petitgrain
10 drops bergamot
10 drops frankincense
10 drops clary sage
10 drops vetiver

add to a 10ml roller and fill with your favorite carrier. Roll on back of neck, wrists, and or chest when you start to panic.
This mix may also help you with insomnia when you apply at night just before bed.

Natural Deodorant Spray:

2 Tbsp magnesium oil
10 drops petitgrain or 5 petitgrain/5 lavender
Pinch of sea salt
witch hazel to fill a 2oz glass spray bottle

Combine sea salt with essential oil in a small bowl. Add to spray bottle, then add magnesium oil and witch hazel to fill. Shake and spritz underarms. 

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